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Australian Family Association: Female Genitals (Cunts) “Offensive”, “Degrading” To Women

March 2nd, 2009  |  Published in News

Melbourne writer Clem Bastow writes in The Dawn Chorus of the alarming response to ‘Cunts and Other Conversations’ by The Australian Family Association, who believe that not only the word ‘cunt’ but the imagery of cunts is ‘offensive’ and ‘degrading’ to women.

“It’s such a stand-up inspiration for an art show that, naturally, the Australian Family Association and their associated cronies had to come and spoil the show. And boy, did they ever, stepping beyond their usual sex/body-phobia into a whole new realm: yes, women’s genitals are offensive and degrading… to women!


Throughout the gnashing of teeth by AFA (and Australia Post, and – yes – “State secretary of the Communications Electrical Electronic Energy Information Postal Plumbing and Allied Services Union of Australia, Graham Lorrain”), it’s hard to work out what has sent them into more of a lather: the use of the word “cunt”, or the images of women’s genitals?

On the former topic, yes, it’s true that the “worst” words you can throw at a person have been narrowed down to two that are distinctly female: “cunt”, and “motherfucker”. But it’s worth reclaiming “cunt” (as many people, feminist and otherwise, are aiming to do); it’s a fine, old word with a rich etymological history (hell, it was good enough for Shakespeare!). If we can take back “bitch” and other epithets, why not “cunt”? Why not take it as a compliment? A cursory Google search on the topic will reveal an extensive library of pro-cunt blogging, journalism and web-ringing.”

The Dawn Chorus: Australian Family Association: Female Genitals (Cunts) “Offensive”, “Degrading” To Women

Half of us have one, but its image is censored and its names are often offensive, infantile or clinical. When a sculptural exhibition of vulvas titled ‘CUNTS’ provokes controversy, the film makers go on a candid exploration of contemporary attitudes to women’s genitalia.