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Send in your ideas!

The Cunts The Movie team are keen to hear your ideas about female genitalia for the purpose of creating this film. The team will be in post- production up until the end of 2012, but the website will allow us to expand on stories that tap into Cunt-mania.

Ubercunt graffiti in Smith Street, Fitzroy, MelbourneWords and people

Email us your ideas for:

  • subjects or interviewees for the film …  and why they’d be great to talk to!
    • alternative words for cunts, cunning linguistic creations…
  • Images

    Email us links to online videos and images and join our Flickr group and upload pics of cunt imagery:

  • historical
  • artistic
  • street art and graffiti
  • religious
  • cultural,
  • in nature


Cunning Friends

Cunt Is Not A Dirty Word
Melbourne based craft artist Casey Jenkins is dedicated  to the noble cause of “elevating the term ‘cunt’ to its rightful place as a descriptor of things warm and lovable – not offensive – through craft or any other means”.

Matthew Hunt
“Very little has been written about the word cunt” – Bangkok resident Matthew Hunt does a lot to make amends for this in his entertaining and exhaustive study.

New View Campaign - Activist Group Against Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS)
The New View Campaign is opposed to the growth of the unregulated and unmonitored genital cosmetic surgery industry that is medicalizing women’s sexuality and creating new risks, norms and insecurities. We are posting documents and analyses of this dangerous and offensive new trend on this page for journalists, students and scholars.

Half of us have one, but its image is censored and its names are often offensive, infantile or clinical. When a sculptural exhibition of vulvas titled ‘CUNTS’ provokes controversy, the film makers go on a candid exploration of contemporary attitudes to women’s genitalia. Watch the trailer