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Being a film with a lot to say and many great reasons to say it – the filmmakers are looking to fulfill a rather large budget deficit.

We are currently seeking funds of at least AU$60,000 for post production.

If you have money to burn, please contact us so we can help channel your money through philanthropic / auspicing organisations.



Once the film is completed, we will be looking for Distribution deals with a select group of courageous and insightful distributors in the territories of our perceived audiences.

The film will be screened on the International Film Festival Circuit in the year or two following completion, with a focus on Documentary Festivals, Queer and counter-culture festivals, and the major market oriented Festivals.

Waiting for the finished film?

If you are keen to see the finished film – we’d like to hear from you !
Where would you watch it and how much would you be wiling to pay?

(link to a form).

Half of us have one, but its image is censored and its names are often offensive, infantile or clinical. When a sculptural exhibition of vulvas titled ‘CUNTS’ provokes controversy, the film makers go on a candid exploration of contemporary attitudes to women’s genitalia. Watch the trailer