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Never a dull moment!

Never a dull moment!

Bree watches the artist Greg Taylor at work

Writer/Director/ Co-Producer: Bree McKilligan

Bree has written and directed short fictional films including Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown (1996, Victorian College of the Arts), The Tale of the Paper Hearts (1997, Film Victoria) and Helga (2002, Australian Film Commission, now Screen Australia). All three films screened internationally at film festivals.

She studied postgraduate fictional film at Victorian College of the Arts, film at Swinburne University and screenwriting at RMIT. Bree has taught directing and screenwriting at Swinburne University of Technology, Berwick TAFE and OPEN CHANNEL.

With filmmaker Suzi Taylor, she co-presents a radio show about film Jump Cut that broadcasts and podcasts on 3CR 855AM.

Greg Taylor takes a break

Greg Taylor takes a break

Left to Right : Bree McKilligan, Greg Taylor, Suze Houghton

Producer/ Co-Writer/Co-Director: Suze Houghton

Suze has worked as Producer or Producer’s Assistant for TV series, narrative films, documentary and educational films.

From 2001 she committed her work life to Screen Resource Organisation OPEN CHANNEL in various film-training and coordinator roles, including acting as Training Manager in 2006 and Regional Training Coordinator in 2007.  All the while she maintained at least some filmmaking activities.

In 2006 Suze was Supervising Producer on 5 short films commissioned by the Australian Film Commission, now Screen Australia, and Executive Produced by OPEN CHANNEL.

Suze studied technical, writing and producing skills at RMIT in Melbourne, and cut her teeth on narrative films in roles including Continuity, Producer and Production Manager for VCA post graduate films.

Suze has worked on a number of documentaries in a technical capacity, and has produced and/ or directed a handful of short and independent documentaries including award winning film Invisible Borders. Over the past 4 years Suze has come to feel very comfortable using the C-word. She and Adis Hondo (below) are in cahoots at  Hand in Hand Productions.

Woman at Work

Woman at Work

Suze booms a room full of porcelain Cunts in Adelaide

Cinematographer & Editor: Adis Hondo

Adis honed his craft as (film) cinematographer during the golden age of Yugoslavian government television, from 1982 to 1989. During this period he worked on a range of broadcast productions from current affairs to news gathering, drama to documentary as well as children’s television, eventually opening an independent broadcast TV studio and creating content for International media during the civil war in Bosnia.

In 1993 Adis found refuge in Australia and has continued to develop his career as a camera operator and stills photographer.  Adis has credits on a number of Australian and international documentaries including:  The Life and Times of Malcolm Fraser (ABC), Trafficked (SBS), Liary: Highway of Tears, Invisible Borders, Ice Maverick, Living Labs, Donny and Namarali, Rushing to Sunshine and The Shearers (ABC).  Adis exactly is one half of Hand in Hand Productions with Suze Houghton (above).

Associate Producer: Carmel McAloon

Carmel McAloon graduated from RMIT with a BA in Media Studies. Carmel has been producing independently for the past 11 years. She established her own production company Endangered Pictures in 2004 and has been commissioned to produce work for the Australian Film Commission, Film Victoria and SBS TV. Titles include the funded short dramas Parts of a Horse and The Road Ahead, and documentaries Paul’s Beautiful Laundrette, Endangered and one hour documentary Westall 1966: A Suburban UFO Mystery, financed by Screen Australia.

Carmel is most interested in creating crafted, social issue documentaries and drama, exploring strong characters and themes. Carmel is currently working on a feature film Love Motel, with development finance from Film Victoria, and has an advisory role on the documentary Cunts The Movie (AKA Cunts and Other Conversations).

Carmel (phone photo)

Carmel (phone photo)

.Esteemed Associate Producer:  Carmel McAloon


Website Designer Jane Curtis

Jane is an awesome audio tour producer, circus performer, and web and graphic designer. Her web folio is at saucybeige and her audio tours at People’s Tour. She is also an intrepid internet researcher for Cunts The Movie. Jane now works with ABC radio as an OPEN PRODUCER.  Go Jane!!

Jane the Brain

. Couldn’t have done it without Jane Curtis – extraordinary Web Designer!

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