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Pre Production Trailer

We began filming in July 2008 and don’t expect to be finished before the end of 2012.

Check out our pre-production trailer below, produced in January 2009 with some of the footage we have so far. Some footage, such as the Skype interview, was filmed for the purpose of the trailer only.

Trailer for documentary Cunts The Movie from Bree McKilligan on Vimeo.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed inspiration, interviews, performance material, research, technical assistance, advice and support.

A special thank you to our cinematographer and editor Adis who had never heard of the word ‘cunt’ before this project and now hears it everyday!

Trailer Credits

Writer/Director/Co-Producer  Bree McKilligan
Producer/Co-Director/Co-Writer  Suze Houghton
Cinematographer  Adis Hondo
Editor  Adis Hondo
Associate Producer  Carmel McAloon (Endangered Pictures)
Legals  Shaun Miller

Artist  Greg Taylor
Performer  Sarah Ward  as Yana Alana
Lecturer in Psychology  Virginia Braun
Lecturer in Linguistics  Keith Allan
Publicist  Jennifer Greer Holmes
Sitters…Ghetto Kitty, Sarah, Anita and Xanya

© Suze Houghton

Half of us have one, but its image is censored and its names are often offensive, infantile or clinical. When a sculptural exhibition of vulvas titled ‘CUNTS’ provokes controversy, the film makers go on a candid exploration of contemporary attitudes to women’s genitalia. Watch the trailer